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Mar 10 01:35

Google has joined Facebook's Open Compute Project and submitted a 48-volt rack design

Google has joined Facebook's Open Compute Project and proposed a new design for server racks that could help cloud data centers cut their energy bills.The OCP was started by Facebook six years ago as a way for end-user companies to get together and design their own data center equipment, free of the unneeded features that drive up costs for traditional vendor products.

Mar 10 01:00

DailyDirt: Don't Make My Brown Eyes Blue!

Eye color isn't a simple single gene trait. In a rare 1% of the population, some people have two different colored eyes or eyes with multiple colors (aka heterochromia iridum. Most people have brown eyes, but it's easy to change your eye color with contact lenses to any color you want -- even scary unnatural monster eyes.

Mar 09 23:53

Experts say 'chip off' procedure to access terrorist's iPhone is risky

The iPhone 5c at the center of the legal battle between Apple and the FBI might be accessible through a delicate hardware technique, but experts warn it would be difficult.
In recent days, the American Civil Liberties Union’s technology fellow and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have suggested a method that would let investigators repeatedly guess the iPhone’s password.

Mar 09 23:33

Supreme Court Declines To Hear Batmobile Copyright Case

We wrote last year about a copyright dispute between DC Comics and guy by the name of Mark Towle, who had been custom producing Batmobiles for Batman fans. Mike's analysis in that post is wonderfully detailed and you should read it if you want a deep dive into the specifics of how the court ruled, but I will summarize it here for you as well.

Mar 09 22:59

Enterprise IoT services will get a boost from this buyout

Two companies that help enterprises deploy and manage Internet of Things devices are coming together to expand their global reach and scale.Kore Wireless will acquire Wyless for an undisclosed price, the companies announced Wednesday. The all-cash transaction is expected to close in the next few weeks.