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Apr 13 04:00

Tablet PC vs. Laptop: How Do You Choose?

Columnist Jeff Van West suggests you look at performance and range of use requirements when deciding between a Tablet PC and a laptop.

Apr 12 04:00

Transfer, Edit, Archive, and Share Your Photos Using Media Center

Columnist Bob Thrasher shares some in-depth strategies for managing and enjoying your digital photos with Media Center.

Mar 31 05:00

Burn, Archive, and Share Digital Videos Using Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

Columnist Tim Muscott explains how to burn, archive, and share digital videos with friends and family using Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

Mar 21 05:00

Getting Older Games to Run on Windows XP

Joel Durham describes how to use the Program Compatibility Wizard, search for user-created fixes, find product updates and patches, and introduces a couple of tools that can help improve your gaming experience.

Mar 08 05:00

Organize Your Media Files in the Windows Media Player 10 Library

Columnist Galan Bridgman discusses the powerful features of the Library, an important Windows Media Player 10 feature that helps you keep track of all your media files.