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Mar 09 18:07

Nexus 5X update packs in fixes for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and performance issues

The March update for the Nexus 5X does a lot more than provide just the usual round of security patches.A Googler took to Reddit with a few details about several fixes for some nagging bugs to be squashed in this update. The post specifically identified:

Mar 09 17:47

Master Windows 10's secret, powerful natural language search tools

Cortana can do a lot of tricks for you in Windows 10, including sending emails, text messages, reading news headlines, and telling you about the weather. But one feature that’s often overlooked is Cortana’s ability to search files stored on your PC and in OneDrive using natural language.Note: If you haven’t activated Cortana, you can still use these natural language search terms; however, in my experience they aren’t quite as powerful when using plain vanilla Windows 10 search.

Mar 09 17:42

DirecTV sets up the first UltraHD TV channel in the United States, starting with the Masters golf tournament

DirecTV is making good on its promise to launch live 4K telecasts in early 2016, though it’s doing so entirely on its own.
On April 7, the AT&T-owned satellite provider will launch a “DirecTV 4K” channel, with the Masters golf tournament as its inaugural offering. Barring any last-minute surprises from other TV providers, this should be the first live 4K UltraHD telecast in the United States.

Mar 09 17:30

DOJ Keeps Pointing To A '3 Factor Test' In Its Cases Against Apple; Except No Such 'Test' Exists

The deeper you dive into the various DOJ filings to try to use the All Writs Act to force Apple to hack into encrypted iPhones, the more and more dishonest they seem.

Mar 09 17:25

Samsung's new upgrade plan aims to put a new Galaxy in your hand every year

Samsung has never been shy about taking “inspiration” from Apple. The company appears to have done so again, this time with a monthly installment plan that would grant you a new Galaxy smartphone each year.