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Mar 09 20:38

Author And Former Covert CIA Operative Barry Eisler On Why You Should Support Techdirt

Our crowdfunding campaign to support our coverage of the encryption fight continues, and following on EFF director Cindy Cohn's post on why you should support Techdirt, this week we have former CIA covert operative and current author Barry Eisler -- an occasional Techdirt contributor

Mar 09 20:11

Tired of waiting for websites to load? This new tech can cut the time by more than half

Slow-loading Web pages are surely one of the top frustrations on the Internet today, but new technology from MIT and Harvard promises to change all that. Announced on Wednesday, Polaris is a framework that determines how to sequence the downloading of a page's objects for faster load times overall.

Mar 09 20:10

Intel could bring sporting events to VR headsets with latest acquisition

Intel wants you to get a front-row view of sports events on TVs, video streams and even VR headsets with its acquisition of Replay Technologies, announced Wednesday.
Replay's FreeD technology is a rendering engine that brings a 360-degree view of sporting events to viewers. The technology allows viewers to see plays from several angles. 
FreeD involves captures sporting events using 28 4K cameras located around an arena. The videos are processed on Intel's servers.

Mar 09 19:40

Apple Might Be Forced To Reveal & Share iPhone Unlocking Code Widely

Among the many questions swirling around the challenge to U.S.

Mar 09 19:39

These technologies will blow the lid off data storage

Hard disk drive (HDD) and solid-state drive (SSD) makers are about to wow the storage market again.