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Mar 09 22:03

New Mexico Attorney General Would Rather See Sexting Teens Treated As Sex Offenders Than See His Funding 'Jeopardized'

Teens sexting can't be addressed by existing laws. Law enforcement -- which far too often chooses to involve itself in matters best left to parents -- bends child pornography laws to "fit" the crime.

Mar 09 22:00

Made-in-China servers attracting more buyers

Servers are facing the same fate as PCs and mobile devices, with a growing number of them made in Asian countries like China and Taiwan, a Gartner analyst says.Much like PCs and mobile devices, it's cheaper for companies to buy servers made in Asia than in the U.S., and buyers can get servers customized to meet their specific requirements, said Jeffrey Hewitt, an analyst at Gartner. Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon, which build mega data centers, design servers in-house and have them made in China or Taiwan.

Mar 09 21:28

Start your downloads: Google launches its Android N developer preview

Updated 03/09/16: Added the link to the over-the-air beta update enrollment page.If you’re a diehard Android fan, the leaks and rumors making the rounds about what’s in the next version of Android can be serious torture.

Mar 09 21:12

iClever Portable Folding Bluetooth Keyboard Review

I have to admit I always loved the physical keyboard on my old Blackberry. It's been years since I switched to an iPhone, but there are times my fingers still crave the mechanical feedback of physical keys. When I'm sitting in an airport seven sentences deep on an email, and I've got only a few minutes to bang the rest out, I really can't stand it -- wildly bonking away on that piece of glass. "Wouldn't it be nice if we had that keyboard back?", I say to my fingers. With a sad look, they agree.

Mar 09 21:06

Skype for Business will give businesses Surface Hub-like collaboration on a budget

Microsoft wants to help businesses bring their meeting rooms into the future of videoconferencing without spending a whole lot of dough. That's why it announced two new Skype for Business initiatives aimed at getting existing technology connected to its work communications service.The first, codenamed Project Rigel, is aimed at helping companies turn meeting rooms into videoconferencing centers able to host interactive Skype meetings, without having to shell out thousands of dollars per room for a Surface Hub collaboration display.