League repeated blocking enemy morale coupled

League repeated blocking enemy morale coupled with missing FIFA 16 players, such City is very dangerous, even if the current round of Manchester United, Arsenal are harvested a draw, the lead was not opened, but if the enemy is still on Zaiyu so weak, Champions League, League successive collapse probably not an accident, after all, still a league title aspirations in the distant 1968 on the ultimate team, the ultimate team's lack of experience is fatal. Red Army in case of strong, strong do not underestimate a champion's heart last round away lore Chelsea, Liverpool excellent condition to win a piece of media praise, before the current round of Liverpool in nine games unbeaten in all competitions, while Manchester City first guest beat Liverpool, need dating back to May 2003. http://www.fifacoinson.com/ Then eight times at Anfield clash in Liverpool 6 wins, 2 unbeaten. Downing also said before the game, 'We are confidence high, especially when we beat Chelsea in the race, the second half we are passive, but we sent lore before the whistle.' He believes that Liverpool can beat Chelsea away to repeat the performance, end Manchester City's unbeaten league gilded. Although unable to take all three points at home, but the scenes they strive Lien strong enemy, no wonder Dalglish Xinxinbaopeng showing any opponent should not underestimate our ultimate team, especially at Anfield. The king still did not forget to thank the fans after the game, 'they can infect the field ultimate team to help us move forward as expected in like everyone has their own role. Sometimes FIFA 16 players make the fans excited, but sometimes the fans can inspire FIFA 16 players. 'The campaign to fight for a full minute, the Red Army has been restored ultimate teams prove their qualities. The next five league rivals Liverpool rankings are encountered in eight away, the Red Army no reason not to move forward at full capacity three advance, to know the distance of Liverpool seven points shy of second place Manchester United. How serious consequences underestimate a champion's heart? Chelsea and Manchester City have been given the answer. (Zhou Kai)