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Real Madrid ready to introduce at a tricky winter

Forced C Ronaldo, Real Madrid Portugal aspects and enormous pressure, the head of FIFA finally lower the high head, and through his Twitter to apologize to the Cristiano Ronald. Blatter wrote: 'Dear Cristiano, if I published in a private dinner on Friday remarks make you happy, then I apologize to you, I have absolutely no intention to offend you, I have said enough to you today. One of the most talented FIFA 16 players altar. '(gavin) text has ended, you can press alt + 4 comments1V4! Real Madrid Liverpool large swap sick cats +2000 Wan Su given to GodReal Madrid of the four FIFA 16 players have been added to the transaction in the Soviet Union teeth to Tencent Ticker October 30, according to the British 'Daily Star' the news that Real Madrid is preparing a blockbuster Trading Galacticos prepared winter FIFA 16 player + cash manner Wanted Liverpool front Pa Suarez, the most likely set of programs with 20 million pounds + Benzema exchange Su God, if Liverpool do not agree Real Madrid Di Mara three generals, Khedira, Coentrao are likely to join the transaction, we can see Real Madrid Suarez has been determined to win. After freeing Higuain, Real Madrid can only rely on Benzema up front, but the French striker in the new season did not prove their skill, La Liga before 10 Harding Park, Benzema scored only 2 ball, only the Bernabeu fans give him boos sky, Ancelotti level of trust he has also been reduced, in the past the Spanish National Derby, Frenchman only get 30 minutes of performance opportunities. Based downturn Benzema, Real Madrid ready to introduce at a tricky winter transfer window center, currently the most favored candidates is Real Madrid Liverpool striker Suarez. 'Daily Star' revealed that Real Madrid ready to offer Liverpool a series to the consent of the Red Army. The first set of programs is to use 20 million pounds + Benzema exchange Su God, it is learned, the French striker Real Madrid discount 20 million, in order to make up the difference between Suarez and Karim Benzema of Real Madrid will also provide 20 million pounds to Liverpool cash, the offer very sincere.

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I am also anxious to change the environment

Brazilian international played well in the new season, especially in the Champions League the league already had a strong contribution to the 2 goals 1 assists. In order to convince people to put Mourinho, Real Madrid ready to use Mike Mussina former confidant general Dila exchange. Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Ramirez to be able to receive the attention of Real Madrid great honor, he did not rule out joining Real Madrid psychologically. A Spanish news source revealed that Real Madrid Khedira Buy this transfer because of the addition of Ramirez broke the deadlock, Chelsea are very interested in this proposal, especially Khedira Mourinho also have trust Canada, Madman very much hope to improve Khedira joined the Blues midfield interception. At the same time, I am also anxious to change the environment Khedira, Real Madrid due to poor record in the league, the German people was as a scapegoat, which makes him very unhappy, meanwhile, has blasted the club let go Khedira Ozil practice, these factors combine to let leave Germany Tieyao become possibilities. (Brooke) text has been completed, fut coins you can press alt + 4 commentsCristiano Ronald irony Blatter: FIFA leaders wish you longevity forced to apologizeCristiano Ronald on facebook irony Blatter Tencent Ticker October 30, according to the British 'Sky Sports' message, is the so-called loose lips, FIFA president Sepp Blatter in an interview a few days ago When behind Messi (micro-Bobo-off data) won the Golden Globe, and dubbed 'Cristiano Ronald spent a lot of time to take care of the hair.' His remark immediately drew Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronald resentment, Cristiano Ronald ridiculed Blatter longevity, Blatter also had an apology for the Cristiano Ronald. 'France Football' published before the Golden Globe list of 23 candidates, Blatter attended a lecture at Oxford University activities, behind Lionel Messi won this year's Golden Globes, and Cristiano Ronald hairstyle fire.

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83,000,005 reinforcements enough Wanted Milan Italian media exposure Barcelona Tieyao

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83,000,005 reinforcements enough Wanted Milan Italian media exposure Barcelona Tieyao

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24th European League Preview: Manchester United's competitiveness gift Vladimir Jazz C tamarind break shortage