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Agnes said the Red Army only a lack of luck Enrique: Carol outbreak sooner or later

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Liverpool announced that the fifth signing this summer, but had dental problems will be returned to AC Milan

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Little Luo Baxi carnival a big show of dance training the next day tragically late fines

YORK, March 4 report: After retirement there are going to enter the entertainment circle. Brazil carnival use this opportunity, Brazil King at a friend's help to sing and dance, big show entertainment talent. The only drawback is that Ronaldinho So the next train was late, was also fined the club. 'Global Sports': Ronaldinho performed the carnival on the magician Ronaldinho is on the court, on the sidelines, he is also quite musical talent. During the validity Milan, Ronaldinho often in nightclubs guest drummer, he and even sponsored a samba band, nothing else to cameos. Earlier, Ronaldinho and Brazilian entertainment friend Edith played a joint called 'Follow the faith,' the song. fifa 16 coins When singing a song, Ronaldinho with sunglasses, very devoted, cool. Later, Ronaldinho said, after hanging up his boots in retirement have to enter the entertainment business plans. Recent festival is famous Brazilian carnival. Starting from February 28, the streets of Brazil, became a sea of joy, it has become a good opportunity to showcase the talent of Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho reason to get this opportunity, or because friends Edith. At the invitation of the entertainment friends Edith and Ronaldinho on Sunday and Monday, two days of carnival in Salvador, in the lively streets singing and dancing. Because the court fame, Ronaldinho performed the carnival, to win a lot of eyeballs on his future into the entertainment pluses and no minuses. The only drawback is that Ronaldinho because playing too relaxed in El Salvador's carnival, so late in Tuesday's training. 'Mediaset' reported late because of this training, Ronaldinho received a ticket out of Atletico Mineiro. Brazilian FIFA 16 players have always been self-control is poor, Ronaldinho is no exception. Although Ronaldinho said he will play a lot of years, but in 1980 he was born 34 years old, near the end of his career, because 'the singer Dream' distraction, the Brazilian star in the FIFA 16 game's performance may be affected. Recommended reading:

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Big winter transfer list Summary: Mata a standard king zero signings Barcelona Real Madrid

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Cowboys' roster possibilities occur down toward offense Sunday

Inside of striving towards position jointly a 46-guy roster upon gameday Daryl Johnston Jersey, it's concerning minimums and maximums at confident employment.The Dallas Cowboys require towards costume 7 offensive linemen, nevertheless can they just take 8? They traded for Matt Cassel and marketed Kellen Moore towards the teach squad, still can they gown 3 quarterbacks?